What's The Best Matcha To Water Ratio?


Many people are thinking: How do I make a perfect cup of matcha?

In Japan during the tea ceremony, Tea Masters use 1g of Matcha to 70ml (2.3oz) of warm water.
The perfect Matcha to water ratio is 1:70.

When you are ready for more power - use 2 grams of Matcha with the same amount of water.

This is the traditional Matcha beverage that Japanese Zen monks have enjoyed for over 800 years.

When adding Matcha powder to water make sure to use a sifter as sifted Matcha will whisk into a soft, frothy consistency.

What is Usucha and how to prepare it

Usucha means ‘thin tea”

This Matcha is refreshing and has a sweet and mellow aftertaste.
It’s also the most popular way of drinking Matcha.

Preparation Guide:
Put 1 gram of Matcha into cup

(1x scoop on Chashaku)

Pour 70 ml (2.3oz) of 70°C (158F) water
Whisk vigorously until all lumps have dissolved and the tea has a creamy froth at the top.

Now you know how much Matcha powder in a cup of water is needed for the perfect Tea Ceremony* (Jap. Chanoyu)*.

What is Koicha and how to prepare it

Koicha means “thick tea”- has a syrupy consistency, it’s so condensed and powerful that

only high-quality Ceremonial grade Matcha should be used for making Koicha, (please don’t try this at home with some cheap Matcha).

Preparation Guide:

Put 4 grams of Matcha into a cup

(4x scoop on Chashaku)

Pour 50 ml of water 70°C (158F)

Whisk until all lumps have dissolved and the tea turned into a paste.

This is going to be intense, yet super powerful, and it’ll kick you like a horse.
Be ready for the most productive 6 hours in your day.


Important Tips:

  • Before using your whisk, soak it in warm water for about 5 minutes to soften the tips.
  • Don't clean your Bamboo Scoop with water, all you need to do is wipe off any matcha residue using a dry paper towel or cloth.
  • For making matcha only with water, get higher quality matcha. You can find the highest quality of Matcha in our Shop
  • Try using filtered water when making any kind of tea. It’ll make your tea taste better than using tap water.

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